ORG Partner Companies Supporting their Communities

Posted by Mandy Patterson on Apr 10, 2020 10:45:00 AM

US Med-Equip is a Houston-based company that rents movable medical devices like respiratory equipment, incubators and infusion equipment to hospitals and health care centers across the country and around the world. Founded in 2003, USME was a fledgling company in Texas and Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina hit just two years later. They worked tirelessly by helping hospitals meet the incredible demand for medical equipment after

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Leadership in Crisis: 10 Tips for Weathering the Storm

Posted by Jessica Borowy on Apr 2, 2020 9:42:00 AM

We are in an unprecedented situation. Traditional crisis response tactics won’t be enough: the global shutdown is creating enormous disruptions, and we need to figure out how to get our businesses safely to the other side of the crisis. To set ourselves up to survive the ongoing storm, we need to act quickly and decisively. Here are 10 ways you can lead your organization through the crisis:

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